Testosterone Therapy (Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT for Men)

Testosterone Therapy for Men

Hormones, as we all know, are responsible for a number of processes and features in the human body. A drop in a man’s hormone levels shows a decline in some people’s abilities to do normal activities. As we age, hormone levels are decreased and finding a therapy aimed at replacing the level of hormone becomes very important. At ThriveMD, we are proud to offer Testosterone Therapy for Men to our Boulder, Louisville, and Broomfield areas.

The good news is this imbalance is easily correctable due to advances in Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Ultimately, getting older is mandatory, but feeling older is optional.

Understanding Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone replacement therapy is a form of Testosterone Therapy for Men in which hormones are received into the body in order to supplement naturally occurring hormones or to add new ones. During this process, the testosterone levels in the body of a man are increased.

To better understand who needs hormone
replacement, it is important that we know what causes a decrease in the quantity of hormone in the body. Some possible reasons for the decline of testosterone of a man’s body include:

  • The aging process
  • An increase in body fat
  • Secondary hypogonadism, which can be caused by damages to the pituitary gland by drugs, small tumor or kidney failure, medications and concurrent illnesses
  • Turner syndrome
  • Eating disorders

Men who have had prostate cancer, have diabetes, heart disease, kidney or liver disease have special considerations when it comes to undergoing Testosterone Therapy for men in Colorado. Consulting a doctor with extensive experience in providing Testosterone Therapy can clear up a lot of questions and concerns for those thinking about this treatment.

Studies have shown that Testosterone Replacement Therapy benefits include an improved mood, increased sex drive, reduced body fat, increased energy, improved self-confidence, and improved erectile function.

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What symptoms suggest a need
for TRT in Louisville?

If as a man you experience any of the symptoms below then you may benefit from Testosterone Therapy for Men from ThriveMD:

  • Reduced sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced bone mass
  • Depression
  • Lack of focus

It is important to understand that these symptoms are not exclusive to a decline in hormone levels and so it is advisable to consult a medical doctor to confirm it.

How We Determine If You’re a Candidate for TRT

At ThriveMD, we do a thorough blood panel to determine not only what your levels are, but also how they are working within your body. This allows us to determine any imbalances or insufficiencies that you may be experiencing and can also rule out any other potential underlying conditions that may be affecting your hormones. Our practitioners use a tailored approach to male hormone replacement therapy, bringing your levels within an optimal range that helps to reduce or to eliminate your symptoms.

Next, our practitioner will customize a treatment plan, based on your test results, to restore your hormonal balance. We also support your Testosterone Replacement Therapy with a fitness regimen and a nutrition program developed by our on-site nutritionist. Our integrative approach will help you to restore and maintain your energy levels and obtain an overall sense of well-being.

How is Testosterone

Though testosterone injections are the most common method of delivery, testosterone can be administered in a variety of other methods such as creams, patches, pellets, and sublingual tablets or drops. The method of administration can vary from patient to patient depending on their specific needs, lifestyle and the doctor’s recommendations. Medication can be administered daily, weekly, or even as infrequently as every 6 months if you choose to use pellets.

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